old world craftsmanship & quality custom picture framing as a fine art

Custom Frame Services, Inc. was established in 1993 by David Crowell, the company’s founder, in his home along with his wife Sherri. The couple grew their shop, and moved into its present location in 1996. From its modest beginnings into the present day establishment, the vision of providing the best treatment towards the presentation and preservation of the art, artifacts and memorabilia has been maintained.

“Presentation is Essential to Art,” is the shop’s motto. The sentiment implied by this statement is that anything worth framing is worth framing well. Dedication to quality has become the hallmark of our company. Our staff of artisans are skilled in their craft and share the shop’s conviction.

Respecting the integrity of all works that come into our shop, the goal is to prepare the work in an aesthetically pleasing and stable manner. Our adherence to these principles allows your work to be displayed and enjoyed for years to come. 

Custom Frame Services; framing what matters to you since 1993.