Bill Woody Photographs

Bill’s photos seem to have an almost dreamlike quality. The images place the viewer into a world of nostalgia and mystery, beyond the mundane. Experience Bill’s vision at:

Dayton Art Institute

Dayton’s own museum of fine art. A gem within the Gem City. Find DAI at:

Stivers School for the Arts

Stivers is a magnet school within the Dayton Public School system. Located on east Fifth St. in Dayton Stivers offer a well rounded education for children in both fine and performing arts. See their site at:

K-12 Gallery for Young People

K-12 offers workshops, training and gallery space to allow young people (school age) to explore and display their creativity. Located next to the Cannery Art & Design Center on Third St. in Dayton K-12 is a wonderful place for the whole family. See their site at:

Jean Koeller

Jean is a painter. Working with light and shadow she creates images beyond mere subject matter toward an essential view of reality. See her work on her site at:

M.B Hopkins

M.B. works professionally as a journalistic artist. Her paintings have a social relevance inspired by news stories and current events. The result are paintings with a timeless quality that express the human condition. See M.B.’s work at her site :

John Emery

John is a watercolorist with a twist. He has a unique method of building watercolor paper into 3-D objects and then incorporating them into his paintings. Learn more about John and his work at his website:

Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra

Dayton’s own professional symphony, performing in the Mead Theater at the Schuster Center in downtown Dayton. Find their site at:

City Folk

Cultural events and entertainment in our community that honor Dayton’s diverse heritage. See CityFolk at:

Andy Snow

Andy is a professional photographer, viewing the world many of us simply pass through. Andy shoots primarily high resolution, large digital images. You can find him at: