Let’s build the Dayton art community together!

We want to display your art! Bring your business card (or fill out a card we’ll provide) and drop it into our “Free Framing” fish bowl. Once every 3 months we’ll draw names out of the fish bowl to choose the local artist we will display in our shop for 3 months.

The artwork must be no larger than 20 inches X 20 inches. We will provide a selection of materials to work with and present the artwork at no cost to you. After the display period, the framed piece will be returned to the artist. If the piece is purchased while on display, the artist will receive 100% of the sale and the buyer will pick up the artwork after the display period.

We are excited about this great opportunity, we hope you are too!

Framing Opportunity

The first drawing will be November 1, 2012.

Seaming & Nipping Glass

Seaming glass actually strengthens the structure of the pane. Seaming refers to grinding the edge of the glass, relieving the sharp angle along the edge of the pane. Nipping the glass is essentially the same as seaming except it relieves the corner of the pane.

The strength of glass relates directly with the integrity of its surface tension. Creating a radius or chamfer along the edge or at the corner of a pane of glass transfers the shock of impact past the edge and across the surface of the glass greatly reducing the likelihood of fracturing the pane.

This also makes the glass safer to handle, because it is stronger and less likely to cut the person handling it.

Inventive Ideas for Framing

This old family photo needed a unique frame.  Custom Frame Services decided to create a barn wood frame from scratch. Dave Crowell, our founder, carved out the wood and milled out the center of the wood for the photograph to fit perfectly inside!

Barn Wood Frame

Various non-traditional materials can be used to present artwork. We do our best to choose the material that best fits your art, as well as the best shape, color, and texture.

There are also many ways to re-use and recycle materials and older frames to make them fit your personal style. If you have any ideas but need some help, bring them into Custom Frame Services! We would love to help your creative process.

just to get you thinking, here are some links that might inspire you:

Eclectic Staircase of Salon style framing

Window Framing


Framing with Fillets (not the meat)

A  fillet is a small piece of moulding which fits inside a larger frame used for decorative purposes. It customizes the frame even more to the detail and tone of the artwork.

Detail of frame with fillet

Here is a detail of the fillet working with the frame and artwork

Example of Fillet

Framing for the subtleties already in the artwork can be challenging but rewarding

Framing Tips on Foxing

Foxing is a term describing the age-related spots and browning seen on vintage paper. while the exact cause of the fungal growth is uncertain, it is best to avoid humidity and acidic papers or mats on the piece.  While looking through your old vintage artworks, if you find discoloration of any kind bring them into Custom Frame Services and we will do our best to repair what we can and preserve the piece carefully.

For more information on foxing, mildew, and restoration of artwork please visit these links.

Foxing and Mildew Information

Photo restoration information

Foxing on Old Photo

The circles show where the foxing has started to damage the piece

Our Beginnings

Custom Frame Services began in 1993 at the home of David and Sherri Crowell on Holly Avenue in Dayton, Ohio.  David began with the concept of presenting picture framing as an art form. With the focus on boundaries and transitions, function and style, the frame works together with the art to create a complete and balanced piece.

Starting with a four hundred and fifty dollar paycheck, a mat-cutter and a miter saw; a frame shop was born. By 1995 the business had grown in the home, taking up the front room, half of the basement, two bedrooms and the upstairs hallway. It became clear more space was needed for the thriving spirit of this business.

In January of the following year the company moved to its current location, the corner of Wayne Ave. and Johnson St. in the Historic South Park District of Dayton, Ohio. This was a prime location due to its accessibility to the highway and convenience to the downtown area. Members of the neighborhood association encouraged the opening of the new local business.

For the past twenty years the company has been working with artists, art enthusiasts and collectors, with the support of the art and professional communities to promote the fine art of picture framing. We continue to strive to create balanced works, considering structure and style, presenting and preserving art and artifacts.


Specialty Work in June 2012

Innovative solutions for a variety of challenges